4 Unknown Cyber Threats Enterprises Need to Watch Out For
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4 Unknown Cyber Threats Enterprises Need to Watch Out For

Did you know that the global spending on cybersecurity products and services is predicted to exceed $1 trillion? This is cumulatively over the five-year period from 2017 to 2021. Insane right? Cyber threats are always evolving. This is why it’s important for enterprises to be aware of these threats. In this blog, you’ll learn about the four unknown cyber threats your enterprise needs to watch out for in 2021.

The Unknown Forms of Cyber Threats


This term, AI Fuzzing is a tool that integrates AI with regular fuzzing techniques which capture software vulnerabilities. You may ask yourself, this is good for my enterprise, but it’s not always. Although, this can help your enterprise, fix and capture dangerous vulnerabilities, cybercriminals can use this to start and automate zero-day attacks.

A zero-day attack is a software vulnerability that is easily ready and infected by cybercriminals. The zero-day part is the fact that there is no time to recover the issue. This is because it has already been ruined by the cyber-criminal. All enterprises need to be aware of this newly found software vulnerability before it takes over their enterprise.

MachineLearning Poisoning

Hackers have the ability to target and corrupt a machine learning model and insert it with viruses and bugs. When this happens, the system is now open to all attacks. In machine learning models, the models also put out user-generated information and data. These are purchase histories or internet activity. When cybercriminals are interacting with MI infections, they can use malicious samples. They can even bring in Trojans to compromise the system. You do not want this to happen in your enterprise, trust me.

SocialEngineering Attacks

If you’ve heard of phishing or experienced it, then you’ll know what social engineering attacks are. Attackers try and trick victims into providing sensitive information like login details, credit card information or social insurance numbers. Many enterprises are upgrading their email security to block these attacks. Although, cybercriminals are finding ways with phishing tools that help in financial fraud and data breaches.

Don't Let Them In

A report by the 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report by Verizon states that phishing attacks stay the number one cause of data breaches around the world. Script gets credentials, and they email them to themselves or log into a text file. Remember that all social engineering attacks include phishing and smishing attacks which have the same objective! It is to get your enterprise’s information. Don’t let them in.


Enterprises are often told to be aware of fake articles or messages online, but never to be aware of the fake videos or audios being made. A deepfake is an audio that is meant to clone voices using small audio samples that could be accessible to cybercriminals. This cyberattack employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to make a real person's voice, audio or video.

Watch Out

These types of cyberattacks should create some worry and make enterprises aware. Business email compromise caused financial losses than any other type of cyberattack in 2019. Balasubramaniyan said at an RSA conference that “All you need is five minutes of someone’s audio, and you can create a fairly realistic clone,”. This goes to show how easy it is for a hacker to get your voice and then create something big out of it.

Our Solutions For Your Enterprise

Finding solutions for these unknown cyber threats is not easy. That’s why Assurance IT is here to help you. We can provide you with industry-leading platforms to store and protect your organization’s data. AIT are offering easy disaster recovery solutions.

Book a free consultation with us here to learn how you can prevent these 4 unknown cyber threats in your enterprise. Chatting with one of our experts will give you everything you need. When it comes to cyber protection, prevention is key.


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