Continuous Authentication - Advanced MFA

Frictionless and continuous authentication for all your enterprise logins.

Improved Authentication Solution

Lightweight agents are installed on your systems. With a combination of behavioral biometrics, location, device ID and time, it understands how an employee uses their device. It's non-intrusive and invisible to the employees.

The employees patterns are then closely monitored - whether the employee works in the office or remotely. Should the usage pattern change, the system warns your team to further investigate. This advanced approach to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) offers a zero-trust framework that doesn't require additional effort from the security team or employees.

Why Continuous Authentication Is Important
A correct password doesn’t mean the correct person is using the device.
Weak passwords can be cracked in a under a second.
Easy solution to protect a hybrid workforce.

How We Help

Ensure that credentials and people match—both before and after login- without your team continuously monitoring passwords or authentication protocols.

No Additional Processes

Remove the need for password or authentication protocols.

Zero Maintenance

The solution monitors the devices. Your team does not.

Quick Risk Detection

This solution detects misuse almost immediately.

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With very low maintenance requirements, MFA and continuous authentication are essential. The solution is quite impressive and cost-effective, contact Assurance IT for a demo.

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