Cloud Backup

A simple and effective way to keep your data, and ultimately, your business safe.

What Is Cloud Backup?

Cloud backup is an important part of a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategy designed to protect your business and maintain business continuity. Cloud backup or “backing up to the cloud”, is the act of sending a copy of your primary backup set, to a secondary site.

This is very much like the traditional processes of copying data from your primary backup to tape subsequently sending those tapes offsite. Assurance IT has digitized and automated this entire secondary backup process for you.

Why Cloud Backup Is Important
Protect data from natural disasters, human error and ransomware.
Features like data syncing, accessibility and scalability are no extra cost.
Cloud backup makes it possible to secure company data regardless of where employees are working.

Protect Your Data

The 3-2-1 Backup Rule states that each organization should have three copies of their data, on two different mediums and at least one of them offsite. The copies of data would include 1) your primary data, 2) your second backup on a different media and 3) your third backup, on another media, and offsite. Currently, more organizations or leaning toward cloud backup as their offsite copy because of it's simplicity, scalability and outsourced management.

End-to-end AES 256-bit Encryption

Encrypt all your backup files and data at source (during backup), in-flight, and at rest.

Multiple Copies

Cloud backup includes off-site servers dedicated to storing data results in multiple, uniquely secured copies of all critical data.

Easily Accessible

Backups are scheduled, automated, and frequent. Thus, ensuring that data relating to the most recent and crucial activities are easily accessible.

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