Endpoint Management

Gain visibility and control of your endpoints today.

Why Endpoint Management?

In the past, organizations have relied on antivirus to secure endpoints. However, antivirus is not an effective method against today's cyber threats. Modern endpoint management includes:

  1. Complete visibility and control of all managed and unmanaged hardware and software assets.
  2. Assess, review, and enforce configurations and compliances policies across all endpoints.
  3. Identify risk through vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and unsanctioned file changes.
  4. Proactively monitor, investigate and remediate endpoint performance issues.
  5. Detect, investigate and remediate threats with automated, proactive and real-time data.
Spending as much time updating tools as you do using them.
Trying to manage all vendors but there are just too many.
Lack of a single source of truth about the state of your endpoints.

The Solution

Proven platform for continuous endpoint visibility and control. Solutions include asset discovery & inventory, software management, patch management, vulnerability management, incident response, configuration management.

Risk and Compliance

Assess endpoints for vulnerabilities and configuration issues. Also, identify sensitive data at rest.

Cyber Security

Option to detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

Enrich Systems

Enrich systems such as SIEMs, log analytics tools, help desk ticketing systems, CMDBs, and big data clusters.

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Endpoint Discovery and Configuration Management

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