SentinelOne stops ransomware and other fileless attacks with behavioral AI and strong automative remediation functions. They are leading the endpoint management and response space with one platform called Singularity XDR that secures endpoint, cloud and identity.

Industry Leading Partner

Trusted by 40% of the Fortune 10 companies, SentinelOne is pushing the boundaries of autonomous technology. They identify, block and remediate malicious threats at machine-speed.

By stopping breaches faster than any human could, SentinelOne prevents and detects for some of the biggest brands in world including Samsung, Aston Martin and Sysco.

As a Gold Partner, Assurance IT is considered the go-to reseller for SentinelOne in Canada.

Awards and Certificates
SentinelOne leads in the latest MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation by MITRE Engenuity with 100% Prevention. 100% real-time with zero delays.
Gartner named SentinelOne a Leader in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms
Received highest overall rating 2021 Gartner "Voice of the Customer" Report. 99% of EDR Reviewers Recommend.

Top 3 Solutions

Here are the top SentinelOne products Assurance IT offers.


Replace legacy AV or BGAV with EPP that is more effective and easy to manage. It includes threat intelligence and EDR.


Everything in Core plus firewall control, control for USB devices and Bluetooth/BLE peripherals, rogue visibility and vulnerability management.


Everything in Control plus advanced EDR features. Automatically contextualize all OS process relationships. Designed to lighten the workload.

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