ExaGrid has the only non-network-facing tiered backup storage solution with delayed deletes and immutable deduplication objects.

Industry Leading Partner

ExaGrid allows IT departments to use any combination of industry leading backup applications, utilities, and database dumps to a single ExaGrid system. ExaGrid works in true heterogeneous backup application environments.

ExaGrid grows as your data grows. ExaGrid has various sized appliance models and up to 32 appliances can be mixed and matched in a single scale-out system for an up to 2.7PB full backup in a single system at over 488TB/hr ingest rate. This allows IT departments to buy what they need as they need it, protecting their initial decision and investment.

Assurance IT is one of the primary Canadian Resellers of ExaGrid appliances.

Awards and Certificates
Customers give ExaGrid +81 Net Promoter Score (NPS).
In 2022, Network Computing Awarded ExaGrid with Bench Tested Product of the Year, Company of the Year and Storage Product of the Year
ExaGrid wins Storage Company of the Year and Vendor Channel Program of the Year and Annual 2022 SDC Awards.

Top 3 Benefits

Here is why enterprises choose Assurance IT and ExaGrid.


ExaGrid can cross-protect up to 16 data centers in a hub-and-spoke topology with cross-site replication.

One User Interface

All appliances onsite and offsite at the disaster recovery site are managed under a single user interface.

Server Resources

ExaGrid’s full appliances bring full server resources (processor, memory, and bandwidth) with all capacity in a single scale-out system.

Reach Out for Cybersecurity Help

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