Data Discovery

Your data is growing at an exponential rate. Obtain accurate data inventory with automatic and scalable data discovery.

Accurate Data Inventory

Leading with discovery-in-depth, access accurate inventory of all data that scales across the enterprise. Automatically find, classify, and catalog sensitive and personal data — along with data relationships, identities, inferred data, and associated data.

This gives organizations the ability to inventory all of their data, in any language, across structured, unstructured, Big Data, cloud, and apps.

Data Inventory Challenges
Low data visibility increases security risks and regulatory compliance.
It's hard to manage data across data types, data sources, on-prem and in the cloud.
Inaccurate, incomplete or inadequate data jeopardizes data and cloud migrations, as well as customer trust.

In-Depth Discovery

Data inventory helps meet data privacy and protection regulations. In Canada, it helps meeting the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and upcoming data privacy laws including Bill 64 and specifically in Quebec, Bill 11.

Expand Coverage

Onboard 140 additional data sources and map to relevant data categories - data in any language, across structured, unstructured, Big Data, cloud, and apps.

Identify Risk

Identify duplicate, similar, and redundant data to minimize risk - identify and reduce stale data and unnecessary vulnerabilities.

Data Governance

Manage data access to drive regulatory compliance and mitigate data privacy risks.

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