Email Security

Stop the full-spectrum of email-borne attacks using AI-based anomaly detection. Protects against phishing, malware, ransomware and email account takeover.

What are email security risks?

Assurance IT noticed that the cyber attacks in the news were the result of attacks on inboxes. That is why we now offer full-spectrum email attack protection that detects and mitigates risks to your inboxes.

It protects against business email compromise, invoice and payment fraud, spam, malware and ransomware. It can also prevent email account takeover by detecting and auto-disabling access to email accounts that appear to be compromised. It has abuse mailbox automation meaning users can report a phish. The solution will then automatically run an analysis and automate a response - good or bad. If there is a threat, the solution looks at every inbox and removes anything that seems related. To improve email productivity, is automatically removes graymail - unwanted or cluttering email.

Real Breaches That Could Have Been Avoided with Email Security
Credential stuffing - Months after LastPass got breached, the hackers used the real credentials of an employee (that they previously stole) to further steal company data.
Payment Fraud - The city of Eagle Mountain in Utah paid a "vendor" $1.3 million not realizing that it wasn't the real vendor who sent the invoice.
Phishing - A Reddit employee clicked a link where the hackers stole their credentials that were later used in a cyber attack against the company

Benefits of protecting your inboxes

Prevent email attacks

Behavioral AI identifies anomalies with high efficacy.

Detect and disable

Automatically detect and disable the access of compromised accounts.

Reduce Human Error

Remove the possibility of employees accidently triggering a cyber attack.

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