Email Security

Rated 4.9 stars on Gartner Peer Insights, Abnormal Security is quickly becoming the go-to solution for email security. As we keep hearing simple attacks infiltrate the largest companies in the world, you can count on Abnormal Security to protect your inboxes with their inbound email security, account takeover protection, abuse mailbox automation and email productivity.

Abnormal Security learns behavior of every employee based on sign-in, patterns, location, VIP status, devices and browsers used. It then continuously analyzes how employees behave in relationship to one another and builds profiles on everyone. As a result, it could assess the risk of every event.

Notable features
Uses behavioral AI to stop the full spectrum of email attacks.
It takes 60 seconds to integrate in your cloud email solution.
Helped prevent over $4 million in losses from Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces.

Top 3 Use Cases

Assurance IT partners with Abnormal Security to bring safety to our customers' inboxes.


35% of all financial losses last year were a result of Business Email Compromise (BEC).


76% of all ransomware is delivered via email.

Credential Phishing

77% of all advanced email attacks contain a phishing link

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