Managed Detection & Response

Proactively monitor, threat hunt, and mitigate threats, relieving your enterprise from building a dedicated team that runs 24/7.

How Managed Detection & Response Works

Managed Detection & Response (MDR) collects behavioral data and about 150 event types to closely monitor entry points and your networks. Analyzing behaviors provides additional information to help identify threats. It goes beyond identifying malicious websites or bad IP addresses.

MDR services identify new and old attacks with a combination of machine learning and human analysis. Should a threat present itself, MDR services detect and responds within 15 minutes.

Biggest Enterprise Setbacks
Difficult to manage the myriad of platforms and devices within the enterprise.
Lack of IT staff to keep assets updated and protected against constant vulnerabilities.
No single source of truth about the state of your IT assets and endpoints.

How We Help

Our Managed Detection and Response extends threat detection across the network, endpoints, and the cloud.

Threat hunting includes: Antivirus, Endpoint Detection, Inbox Detection, Proactive Threat Hunting, Threat Intelligence from numerous sources, Network Detection, Insider Threat Detection (employees), In-memory analysis (reverse engineers code and predicts malicious intent).

Proven Proactive Solution

Our Managed Detection & Response solution stops an average of two catastrophic cyber attacks per year.

Reduced Dwell Time

Threat detection to response time is about 15 minutes, outperforming the industry standard by months.

We Are An Extension Of Your Team

Let us continuously monitor your networks, automate threat detection, and quickly respond & mitigate threats

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Assurance IT is ready to relieve your IT team from proactively hunting threats.

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