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The most robust SaaS Microsoft 365 backup and restore solution on the market is by Assurance IT, powered by Veeam. Start your 30-day free trial today.

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Why our customers trust Veeam

Why companies are backing up Microsoft 365

With over a quarter billion users, Microsoft 365 is the most dominant office productivity software on the market. With that many users, it's also inevitable that things go wrong. Backup administrators and IT leaders are quickly realising the need for backing up their Microsoft 365.

Backing up and managing SaaS environments is complex, especially with talent and budget constraints. For this reason, many companies are choosing Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) to protect Microsoft 365 data.

Here is why you should backup your Microsoft 365:

Microsoft recommends using a third-party backup solution
Microsoft guarantees the infrastructure but not the data
Meet any Recovery Point Objective (RPO) requirements
Human error - people make mistakes and former employees go rogue
Deleted emails are kept in the recycling bin for only 90 days
Protect against failed third-party integrations and ransomware attacks

BaaS Microsoft 365 capabilities

Veeam is the #1 leader in Microsoft 365 backup and restore. The solution backs up Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, Exchange on-premises and SharePoint on-premises. This includes backing up calendars, contacts and tasks.

Customizable and automated backup schedule.

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Self-service restore portal offers recovery options in only 3 clicks.

Large scale recovery of multiple users all at once.

Option for granular restore - like one single inbox.

Let's bust some myths

Myth 1

"With Veeam you need to run the software on an internal server and provision storage, which gives more flexibility. "
"Veeam works well but it’s not a cloud product. You can point it at the cloud the you need a server to function as the data mover. We got around this with an aws server as the proxy."
Is this true?
These Reddit users are correct. BaaS for Microsoft 365 by Assurance IT, powered by Veeam is the solution you're looking for. Assurance IT hosts and manages Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 in their SOC 2 compliant data centers located in Canada.

Myth 2

"Veeam works quite well and is continuously updated/improved. It’s a typical install on windows OS and feed it whatever storage you want. Supports mailbox/onedrive/share point/teams/groups.Like others have said, backups are not an archive/journal. They occur at a set frequency and backup whatever is there at that time. Great to restore a users things back the way they were but not the best solution for compliance."
Reddit User
Is this true?
We agree. Veeam does work very well. On the other hand, we're sorry to hear that DuBz_CT is having trouble with compliance. When working with BaaS with Assurance IT, powered by Veeam, storage is unlimited and Veeam's eDiscovery feature allows you to easily access the data you want using the self-service portal.

Myth 3

"I'm a big fan of Veeam for 365. I'm probably biased though, as the company I work for is all Veeam for backup/DR on everything else. Imo, the set up can be a bit of headache, but once that's done, Veeam just works all the time."
Reddit User
Is this true?
We're also a big fan of Veeam Backup for 365! When working with Assurance IT, setup is quick and onboarding costs are already included. There are no hidden fees.

"Veeam just works all the time."

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Work with Assurance IT

Unlimited Backup
Assurance IT offers unlimited backups based on your retention needs. No archives.

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No Hardware Required
Back up Microsoft 365 on Assurance IT's SOC 2 and
ISO 27001 compliant cloud.

Bilingual Veeam-verified Expertise
Assurance IT is a Veeam accredited competency partner. Access support and web portal in English and in French.

Veeam is the #1 Microsoft 365 Backup and Restore Solution

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