AIT Infinite Cloud

Assurance IT provides a secure, customized, scalable, Canadian-hosted backup and disaster recovery solution, to help businesses protect their data and provide the ability to recover in the event of a disaster.

Assurance IT's mission is to continuously be at the forefront of IT Security by partnering with innovative technology leaders to offer a wide range of business continuity solutions. Our Canadian hosted and managed data centers use industry-leading software and hardware to store and protect your organization’s precious data and reputation.

What is AIT Infinite Cloud?

The AIT Cloud protects your business and your reputation by preventing data loss due to an accidental data disaster, ransomware attack or a data breach. Assurance IT automatically and securely stores your data with the ability to quickly recover operations in the event of a disaster.

The AIT Cloud leverages industry leading Hardware and Software to host and secure your data. Backed by our ISO 27001 certification, we ensure that the processes and solutions manage data transfer and hosting with the highest level of integrity.

AIT Infinite Cloud is powered by:

What is the AIT Infinite Cloud Service?

The AIT Infinite Cloud Service digitizes the age-old tape backup / offsite hassle that businesses continue to face today.  The AIT Infinite Cloud provides short and long-term retention options to ensure your data is not only backed up, but also meets corporate RTO and RPO requirements.  The Infinite Cloud also helps maintain corporate, industry and regulatory compliance.

Infinite Cloud works with on-premises ExaGrid physical backup appliance. Data is automatically copied to the AIT Cloud leveraging the Veeam Backup & Replication Technology and can be retained for years, indefinitely. This data remains available to help restore operations.

Built for Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Powered by Veeam Backup & Replication and 25+ years of Disaster Recovery expertise, the AIT Cloud provides automated Disaster Recovery services to businesses impacted by a data center failure or disaster.

Hot and Cold DRaaS

Disaster Recovery can be fully automated with minimal impact to your operations. Assurance IT can also offer “cold standby” Disaster Recovery for those less critical workloads. Ask your Assurance IT Account Manager about our DRaaS Services.

AIT Cloud is hosted in a Tier 3 Data Center
Digital AirGap
Hosted in Canada and Managed by Canadians
Data Center network available across Canada through our partnerships to satisfy local data residency regulations.
3-2-1 Backup Rules employed
Ransomware Protect built-in
Full redundancy
SOC Certified
ISO27001 Certified


Yearly independent third-party audit to ensure the effectiveness of controls

eStruxture conforms with the requirements of sections 9 and 12 of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), to the extent applicable to colocation services (physical premises)

Our MTL-1 and MTL-2 facilities are Tier III certified

All our facilities are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are AIT Cloud data centers located?

AIT Cloud data centers are located in Canada. Optional backup locations are available. Please contact Assurance IT for more details.

Q. Can I choose my data retention times with AIT Infinite Cloud?

Yes. AIT Infinite Cloud is built to ensure that customers can cost-efficiently meet very long retention requirements while still taking advantage of the operational benefits of a cloud backup service. You can choose retention as low as 30 days, yearly (1-7 years) or infinite.

Q. What happens if my protected capacity grows larger than what I’ve purchased?

Assurance IT monitors the amount of protected capacity that is copied and replicated to the cloud from the AIT Infinite Cloud physical appliance. If the protected capacity grows beyond the purchased amount, Assurance IT will contact you to help you decide whether to:

· True-up to a higher capacity (sold in 1TB increments) in AIT Infinite Cloud

· Reduce the replicated data back down to within the purchased amount

Q. Can we seed initial backups to the AIT Cloud rather than send them over the WAN?

Seeding can be used to reduce bandwidth limitations and usage and time required for initial AIT Infinite Backup data backup seeding to the AIT Cloud. (Charges may apply)

Q. Are there any prerequisites for purchasing AIT Infinite Cloud Backup Service?

To leverage the AIT Infinite Cloud Backup Service, you must have the following:

· An AIT Infinite Cloud physical appliance in place for on-premises backups

·An active Assurance IT Subscription contract      

Q. I already have an Assurance IT Cloud Backup or DRaaS subscription. Can I switch to the AIT Infinite Cloud option?

Yes. You can trade-in from your existing service to the AIT Infinite Cloud service. Please contact your Assurance IT Account Manager to determine if the switch is right for you.