5 Important Disaster Recovery Quotes
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5 Important Disaster Recovery Quotes

At Assurance IT, we help businesses protect their data. However, many customers come to us only after it’s too late. That is why we inform businesses on the potential harm of cyberattacks, not backing up data and not preparing for IT disasters. But we understand that hearing it from us might be redundant. As a result, we compiled a list of quotes from industry experts to highlight the importance of disaster recovery planning. Here are the five important disaster recovery quotes.

1.Business Resilience

Navid Sahebjanima, a researcher at the University of Tehran,has several publications on business continuity. Along with other coworkers, intheir latest publication called, “Integratedbusiness continuity and disaster recovery planning: Towards organizationalresilience,” they test different models for business resilience. Intheir abstract, they describe the increase in business disruptions as well asthe importance of organizations being proactive.”

“Businesses are increasingly subject to disruptions. It is almost impossible to predict their nature, time and extent. Therefore, organizations need a proactive approach equipped with a decision support framework to protect themselves against the outcomes of disruptive events.”

Navi Sahebjanima, Researcher

2. DR is Dying

In an article by Paul Crocetti on TechTarget, he describes how there may be a shift from using the term disaster recovery to IT resilience because the word disaster suggests a catastrophic event that is rare. However, that is not the case in IT. IT disasters affect businesses every single day.

“DR may be dying. The term DR, that is, not the actual process of disaster recovery, there is a move in the industry to replace the phrase with “IT resilience.”

Paul Crocetti, TechTarget Contributor

3. Preparing is Unquestionable

Varun Vuppala and Rasoola Tyler published a scholarly article called, “A Model for the role of Information Technology leaders in Disaster recovery planning and organizational resilience.” The article speaks about how the board is still not prioritizing disaster recovery. It goes into depth about how to convince the decision-makers in your company about the impact of disaster recovery and how to make it a priority.

“No matter which perspective you subscribe to the need for the leader to have a process to prepare the organization for disaster is unquestionable.”

Varun Vuppala, Researcher

4. Being Proactive

Stephen Matheson is Vice President of Product at BridgeHead. In an article about disaster recovery planning, he opens up the very first paragraph by saying “The time to prepare for a disaster is before it occurs.” This quote reinforces what we try to teach everyone we talk to. Disasters happen too often and too randomly not to prepare for them.

5. The Recovery Plan

Poojan Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Clumio, and Forbes Contributor, sheds light on a strategy for disaster recovery. He suggests the plan should include a backup of your data in the cloud because relying on your own datacenter is risky. And we couldn’t agree more. A copy of your data should be saved outside your company’s infrastructure just like we explain in the 3-2-1 Backup Rule. We also provide Disaster Recovery as a Service to facilitate this part of your plan. You can contact us here for more information.

“The key to an effective recovery plan is to rely on the public cloud, not your own datacenter or hardware.”

Poojan Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Clumio

It’s scary, we know

We understand that preparing for disaster recovery might be scary and very new for your business. We understand the hesitation of investing in a plan that isn’t a current problem in your business. As a result, we want to add this quote by Mike Ross, founder of the consulting firm Juniper.

“Change is the only constant in the business world. Radical technologies are changing the way we do our work at a pace unseen before. We don’t overcome change by being stronger or smarter than our competitors, but by being better able to adapt to it.”

Mike Ross, Founder of Juniper

When you are ready to proactively protect your business, contact us here.


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