Assurance IT now offers Managed Detection and Response Services
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Assurance IT now offers Managed Detection and Response Services

Business Continuity Experts extend their portfolio to include threat hunting, detection, and mitigation services


Montreal, QC. January 4, 2021 – Today, Business Continuity experts, Assurance IT, announces the inclusion of GoSecure Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to their service portfolio. The industry-leading detection and response solution complements Assurance IT’s cloud backup, disaster recovery, and SaaS protection solutions, offering mid-sized organizations a wide range of business continuity options from one provider. The addition of this service comes after a new partnership with the leader and innovator in the cybersecurity space, GoSecure.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services take an activerole in detecting advanced threats and proactively mitigating them before theycompromise sensitive data assets or business operations. The GoSecure MDR servicecontinuously monitors endpoints and networks. The service also includes a teamof experts who actively threat hunt 24/7 and use behavioral data to proactivelyprotect entry points and networks. Per customer, MDR services help mitigate anaverage of two cyberattacks that could cause extensive harm to an organization,per year.

The GoSecure Managed Detection and Response service is unique in the cybersecurity industry as it’s the only one that monitors and detects threats across endpoints, networks, and inboxes. The threat detection to response time, also known as the dwell time, is under 15 minutes and outdoing competitors’ dwell time that could take months. 

Often mistaken as services similar to Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), MDR services go beyond identifying malicious websites or bad IP addresses. MSSPs do not mitigate the risks nor do they actively prevent the risks.  

“Assurance IT is thrilled to offer GoSecure Managed Detection and Response services to our customers for an even more robust set of business continuity solutions,” said co-founder of Assurance IT, Ernesto Pellegrino, “MDR is a growing industry that is going to be an essential part of businesses’ cybersecurity and business continuity needs. The proactive nature of these services is appealing and especially affordable to organizations that don’t have a dedicated cybersecurity team.”

As Business Continuity Experts, Assurance IT (www.assuranceit.ca) offers mid-sized organizations access to robust solutions to proactively protect their data and ultimately their businesses. Business continuity needs are assessed using AIT's EPR Methodology. Since 2010, they've worked alongside dozens of Canadian businesses to build their business continuity solutions and maintain them across the multi-cloud.


For more information, email info@assuranceit.ca

Access MDR services with AIT here: https://assuranceit.ca/managed-detection-and-response/


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