ExaGrid’s Ultimate Tiered Backup Storage Appliance That Works
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ExaGrid’s Ultimate Tiered Backup Storage Appliance That Works

You’ve probably heard all this talk about cybersecurity, data backup and cloud backup services that are so crucial in today's evolving world, but have probably wondered, what is actually letting this all to actually happen? What technology solution is making this all work and secure our data? The answer is ExaGrid. Their recovery systems has the fastest backups, recoveries and are one of the industry’s best ransomware recovery. They are unparalleled and cost-effective scale-out. So, this blog is going to let you know all about ExaGrid’s Ultimate Tired Backup Storage Appliance System and why it can help your enterprise.

What Does the ExaGrid Appliance DoExactly?

The Tired Backup Storage Appliance’s main purpose is to secure your valuable data, but also host the necessary resources like, compute, memory and network with supreme bandwidth capabilities. This is for fast data exchange and network access. This extreme performance allows the appliance to run smoothly and maintain the ultimate backup performance.

Did you know that ExaGrid the leading Tiered Backup Storage appliance system boasts one of the industry’s best ransomware protection and recovery systems in the industry today? The unique architecture and design are known for providing robust and performant disk-cache Landing Zone, along with its traditional repository, providing for long-term retention. The disk-cache Landing Zone is the performance tier whereas the Long-term Retention Repository is the retention tier. This disk-cache landing zone results in very fast backups with a short backup window.

Why it’s so Powerful & Effective

The Tired Backup Storage Appliance does many wonders for securing your data and helping prevent ransomware attacks in your business. Something new that is interesting is ExaGrid Ransomware Time-lock Retention. This is the only appliance of its kind that has the non-network-facing tiered backup storage solution. It has delayed deletes and immutable reduplication objects. This approach protects your business from ransomware attacks. It is not a question of if the ransomware attack will happen, but when it will.

The recovery is 20X faster than other backup solutions with the newest copy of all the backups in the disk-cache Landing Zone. The VM boots and restores are efficient and quick. You don’t need to worry because all of your backups are safe with the Tired Backup Storage Appliance.

Not only the recovery time is fast, but the backups are 3X faster than they ever have been before. These backups are as fast as disks and 3X faster than dedupe appliances.

Cost-Effective Scale-Out

These robust products come in a variety of models and sizes to meet your business needs. ExaGrid is famous for its scale-out philosophy. The scale-out architecture provides the lowest TCO over time. The appliances are put together and scaled up to 32 appliances in a single scale-out system. The largest scale-out system is eligible to take up to a 2.69PB full back up with an ingest rate of 488TB/hr. This is fast. Faster than ever!

Should You Get This Appliance?

Overall, ExaGrid’s robust recovery systems hold the fastest backups, recoveries and are one of the industry’s best ransomware recovery. They have over 1000 customers worldwide. With:

  • long-term retention
  • recovering backups 3X faster
  • restores 20X faster
  • performant disk-cache Landing Zone

Your business is protected.

The unparalleled and cost-effective scale-out architecture is also essential for your business continuity plan. ExaGrid’s ultimate Tired Backup Storage Appliance System will help your enterprise recover & backup your data faster than ever.

Assurance IT has proudly partnered with ExaGrid. Determine if ExaGrid's Tired Backup Storage Appliance That works is a good fit for your business continuity plan, by scheduling a free consultation call here.

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