Guess how much MGM Resorts is expected to lose this quarter!?
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Guess how much MGM Resorts is expected to lose this quarter!?

1. Can this stop cyberwar??

The two largest hacktivist groups in the Ukraine conflict have agreed to stop cyber-attacks on civilians and follow new rules set by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). These rules, called the "Geneva Code of cyber-war," aim to reduce the disruption caused by hackers targeting public services.

The move is expected to lead to fewer cyber-attacks affecting ordinary people, as these groups will now focus on official or military targets. However, some other hacktivist groups have refused to follow these rules, highlighting ongoing challenges in cyber-conflicts. The ICRC created these rules to address the rising involvement of individuals in patriotic cyber-gangs during the Ukraine conflict. (www.bbc.com)

My thoughts: The implementation and enforcement of these rules is definitely a step in the right direction; however, I think we are missing the obvious point. Cyber-attacks can be used to cause mass disruption and destruction. This simple principle should raise the eyebrows of every executive realizing how devastating a cyber-attack could potentially be. If attacks are designed to cause havoc on a nation, imagine how much damage it could do to your business?

2. Update: Casino Giant MGM Faces $100 Million Loss After Data Breach

MGM Resorts International expects a $100 million hit to its third-quarter results due to a recent cyberattack. The attack disrupted operations, but MGM clarified that no customer bank account numbers or payment card information were compromised. The breach exposed customer data, including contact details and some Social Security and passport numbers, but no evidence of identity theft or account fraud has been found.

The FBI is investigating the incident. Despite the setback, MGM is confident in a strong fourth quarter driven by a Formula One racing event in Las Vegas and does not anticipate a full-year impact from the breach, highlighting ongoing cybersecurity challenges for large organizations. (reuters.com)

My thoughts: MGM's $100 million loss serves as a stark reminder that cybersecurity incidents can have significant financial implications for organizations. It underscores the importance of investing in robust cybersecurity measures to prevent and mitigate such breaches. It's encouraging to know that customer bank account numbers and payment card information were not compromised.

3. Million-Dollar WhatsApp Exploits

The demand for expensive zero-day exploits targeting messaging apps like WhatsApp has surged due to enhanced security on iOS and Android devices. These exploits now fetch millions of dollars, exemplifying the growing threat to widely used communication platforms. A recent case involving a Russian entity seeking a $20 million exploit for remote access to phones underscores the high stakes.

WhatsApp has become a target, with exploits priced at $1.7 million. Buyers often seek these exploits for various spying purposes, making them valuable not just for chat interception but also as potential entry points to compromise entire devices. Users should remain vigilant to protect their personal data while using such apps. (cybersecuritynews.com)


My thoughts: The case of the Russian entity seeking a $20 million exploit for remote device access demonstrates the high stakes involved in cybercrime. These attacks are not only financially motivated but can also have far-reaching geopolitical implications.

4. Is CN railway hiding a Cyberattack?

Recent disruptions in Canada, including claims of hacking into vital institutions like the military, Air Canada, and Parliament, have raised suspicion. The latest incident involved the sudden grounding of Canada's National rail system. While there's no confirmed cybersecurity issue, the repeated disruptions are concerning. A group called Indian Cyber Force has claimed responsibility for some of the hacks, which reference Prime Minister Trudeau's comments about Indian involvement in a killing. With major entities affected within a short timeframe, there's growing concern and a need for cybersecurity measures and transparency regarding the attackers. It's evident that cybersecurity issues require immediate government attention. (torontosun.com)

My thoughts: The claims of responsibility by the Indian Cyber Force, referencing Prime Minister Trudeau's comments, suggest that these incidents may be politically motivated or have international implications. This definitely adds complexity to the situation. The government's immediate attention to cybersecurity issues is warranted, and it should prioritize cybersecurity initiatives to safeguard critical infrastructure and ensure the continuity of essential services.

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