High Profile Ransomware Attacks of 2020, So Far
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High Profile Ransomware Attacks of 2020, So Far

When I decided to write this blog, I thought I would list the top Ransomware attacks of 2020. However, when researching, it led me to realize that there was no clear way to determine which ones were the “top” attacks of 2020.

At the risk of discounting an attack, I wanted to demonstrate the rate that ransomware attacks are happening.  Any company that experiences a ransomware attack: small, medium or large, will tell you that without a proper recovery plan, they can suffer days, weeks and even months of headaches. Unfortunately for many organizations, they never fully recover from such an attack.

In our last blog, 6 Shocking Ransomware Facts That You Need to Know, we learned about some of the shocking facts associated with Ransomware. According to Hashedout.com, Ransomware attacks happen every 11 seconds and will cost companies 20 Billion dollars in 2021!  Don’t let it happen to your business.

Let's review the magnitude of ransomware attacks that happened in 2020, so far!

High Profile Ransomware Attacks of 2020

Much of the high profile attacks have been documented and reported. I didn’t see any value in reporting each one again, rather when browsing the Internet, I found a few links which demonstrate/list some rather public attacks.

Teceze outlines approximately 150 Ransomware attacks which made headlines in 2020. Note: we are only halfway through the year! I can only imagine how many other organizations fell victim to ransomware attacks which were not high profile enough to have their attack published. With COVID-19 forcing organizations and employees to set up home offices, it quickly became apparent that not all organizations had a comprehensive mobile workforce strategy in place.  More importantly, many of these organizations never had a mobile workforce security strategy in place. These organizations inadvertently became prime targets for cyber attackers and ransomware attacks.

As you will notice from the list, the companies targeted are on a global scale. They range into various business verticals and industries, proving once again Ransomware has no boundaries. Your data is valuable and hackers want to hold it ransom so you can pay up big bucks! On average, organizations pay $64,000 per ransom!

Educate your workforce to prevent Ransomware and Cyber Attacks

As IT professionals, we have a responsibility to ensure all necessary measures within our power are constantly protecting valuable IT assets and data. Organizations as a whole are responsible for preventing and protecting from an attack. Many experts, suggest educating your workforce on a regular basis so individuals know how to spot a potential hack or attack. Proper education can minimize and possibly prevent external sources from penetrating your organization, network, and ultimately your valuable data. If you are looking for a Cyber Security Expert, we highly recommend one of our business partners Cyology Labs, led by award-winning cybersecurity expert, Terry Cutler. The team has been educating and helping organizations across the globe how to prevent such attacks. Tell them Assurance IT sent you!

As we continue to outline some high profile attacks here are top ransomware attacks that made the news in 2020.

Top Ransomwareattacks of 2020

CRN outlined 11 high profile hacks that have already cost organizations upwards of $140M dollars!

HealthIT Security outline 41 hospitals and healthcare providers reportingRansomware attacks in 2020

Comprehensive Backupand Disaster Recovery Planning

This blog would not be complete unless we told you how to protect and recover from a Ransomware attack. Having a comprehensive backup plan ensuring the infamous 3-2-1 rule will prove invaluable if and when your organization is attacked. Many organizations also require a plan to continue their operations for their tier 1 applications or services and will require a hot Disaster Recovery site.  Assurance IT can help with both!


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