How Disaster Recovery as a Service Emerged from 2020
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How Disaster Recovery as a Service Emerged from 2020

In the last few months, a meme circulated on social platforms asking, “Who led the digital transformation of your company?” The multiple-choice answers include CEO, CTO, and COVID-19. In the meme, COVID 19 is circled as the correct response. As none of us expected a pandemic, there’s no denying that COVID affected how we work. In this blog, we discuss important trends that emerged from the pandemic, including the interest in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), and how they are affecting your Disaster Recovery (DR) strategy.

Emerging Trends

Regardless of the size of an organization, COVID-19 created aDigital Transformation across most industries. The tectonic shift in bothtechnological and cultural behavior is reshaping businesses and the world.

According to Forbes, before the pandemic, two important trends emerged in 2019.

  • The normalization of clouds
  • Growing market demand for better DisasterRecovery (DR) solutions

Assurance IT could not agree more with these trends given the increased amount of interest in DRaaS solutions from clients across the country. In support of our current beliefs, the article goes on to say that enterprises will embrace cloud Disaster Recovery more than ever. This is a result of enterprises looking to curb data center costs during normal operations while being able to use the on-demand cloud resources in the event of a physical or logical disaster.

Trends impacting yourDR strategy


  • Cloud provides flexibility. Businesses can access data from anywhere, allowing employees to work remotely. A DR plan should provide the same allowing businesses to continue operations in the event of a physical or logical disaster.

Mobile Workforce

  • As mobility trends increase and the remote workforce becomes the “new normal,” backing up employee data is more important than ever. With more devices and more data coming into the enterprise, having a robust backup and DR plan has never been so important. Ransomware attacks and disaster strikes when you least expect. A robust DR plan allows your mobile workforce to connect from anywhere. This ensures your company can continue to operate (after a disaster).

Social Interaction

  • More companies are integrating social interaction (Social Media, ChatBot interactions, etc) in their business initiatives. Start capturing and backing up that data. Many companies mine and leverage that data in marketing and sales initiatives.

The Emergence andGrowth of the DRaaS Market

In case you didn’t think DRaaS was emerging as a “go-to solution” for enterprises we have some numbers to prove it. As companies brace for both technological and cultural change, the DRaaS market continues to see increased growth potential. Experts predict the DRaaS market to grow to $27.44 billion during 2020-2024. As a service provider, this is important because it continues to demonstrate how more companies will need to adopt a DRaaS strategy. Since teaming up with Veeam in 2015 to provide both Cloud Backup and DRaaS solutions leveraging their Veeam Cloud Connect technology, Assurance IT has noticed a tremendous appetite to include critical virtual machines into a DRaaS strategy.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Global Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Market 2020-2024 (Graphic: Business Wire)

What to look for when choosing Cloud DRaaS provider

Ensure your DRaaS provider:

  • Understands the nature of your business
  • Can help you mature your DR and Business Continuity plan
  • Ensure your RTO and RPO are aligned with your enterprise requirements
  • Knows the DR strategy can help restore from a ransomware attack normally locking up your critical and precious data
  • Has the ability to fully automate the execution of the DR plan if and when needed
  • Can integrate data protection and DRaaS solution(s). If it’s not baked into your day to day strategy, then it’s not integrated.
  • Feels like they are an extension of your IT organization and not just some “service” you pay for

Check out what Assurance IT Canada’s premier DRaaS provider can do for when it comes to ransomware protection and DRaaS!

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