Top 3 Archive as a Service Best Practices
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Top 3 Archive as a Service Best Practices

Companies have been archiving data for years. Before, they would fill up boxes with folders and store them in warehouses. Now, as our data becomes more digital, businesses are leaning toward Archive as a Service (AaaS). Instead of a warehouse, it’s a service provider that organizes, stores, and retrieves data. In this blog, we are going to review the benefits of AaaS and the top 3 best practices for AaaS.

Benefits of Archive as a Service

Before diving into the best practices, let’s review thebenefits of establishing an archiving strategy.

  1. Reduce cost. The data will most likely be stored on low performance, high capacity media with lower maintenance and operational costs. Therefore, reducing overall data storage costs.
  2. Data Loss. With an increase in ransomware attacks, Archive as a Service stores your data offsite. Having data offsite/offline can significantly reduce the impact of a ransomware attack encrypting critical data.
  3. Increased security. Archiving removes documents and intellectual property from circulation, limiting the chance of IP theft.
  4. Regulatory compliance. Built-in policies ensure records are kept for an appropriate amount of time and indexing makes data more retrievable.

Archiving will become a new responsibility for the IT staff. We recommend outsourcing the job to a service provider, like Assurance IT. We organize, store, and make the data easily accessible. As a result, saving you a lot of energy on managing data. When looking for a  service provider, consider the following three best practices.

AaaS Best Practices

Easily Accessible

It may seem obvious, but make sure the data is backed up so it's easily accessible by the enterprise. Ask the service provider how it is done before choosing them.

Policies and Due Diligence

Your organization should establish ground rules in its use of AaaS. That includes what gets stored, where storage occurs, how data is stored, the duration of storage, and special data requirements such as deduplication and formatting. Perform the necessary due diligence to ensure that you can securely transmit data to the archive location. Also, make sure the archiving provider can encrypt the data in transit and at rest. Plus, ensure the storage location is fully secure and can minimize unauthorized access to archived data.

Avoid Hidden Fees

Further, save costs by working with Assurance IT.  Assurance IT provides a simple, trusted AaaS solution, while reducing costs. If you have not implemented a data archive or retention strategy you could spend a lot more time and budget to do your own archiving.

Ready to ArchiveData?

Assurance IT understands your enterprise data retention andregulatory requirements to create a safe and cost-effective solution for yourunique business. Depending on the amount of data and information to bearchived, various options are available. Assurance IT helps shape the solutionthat is right for you.

Assurance IT checks all the boxes when it comes to data security and how and where the data is stored. Learn more about our Canadian data center for our Canadian customers.

If you are interested in learning how AIT can provide great AaaS, feel free to contact one of our data backup and archive specialists! Alternatively, email us directly at info@assuranceit.ca


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