What You Need in Your Business Continuity Plan
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What You Need in Your Business Continuity Plan

Business continuity is a term that often gets thrown around but it has more than 10 parts to it. One blog is not enough to break down each part. So stay tuned for Assurance IT's other blogs about business continuity. Only 20% of the businesses have a formal business continuity plan and this is not enough. Each business, regardless of the size, needs to have one. Keep reading this blog to find out why your enterprise needs a BC plan and what you need in yours.   

What Is Business Continuity Plan For?   

A business continuity plan is put in place to ensure proper recovery from any form of disaster that happens in your enterprise. This formal document is not only to protect your business from further incidents, but to ensure smoother operations and a safer work environment. Having a business continuity plan makes your enterprise more proactive because you have the regulations and steps are clearly stated. No business plans or controls when disasters occur. If they did there would be no need for a one. It is important for everyone in the enterprise to have a copy of this business continuity plan and understand it well in case of a disaster.  

What You Need in It  

Many enterprises have different looking BC plans due to their industry and services but here is a list of everything you need in yours: 

  • Business continuity plan policy, purpose, and scope 
  • Objectives and goals 
  • Important roles and responsibilities 
  • Plans for risk mitigation
  • Complete a list of tasks in order for operations to continue. 
  • Explanation of where to go in the event of an emergency 
  • Data backup and site backup information 
  • Plan protocols for maintenance.
  • Coordination with the local emergency services 
  • Managers' contact information 

Having this information property documented on paper allows everyone in the enterprise to be on the same page and there comes no confusion in times of disaster. When you master this plan,  the value of your business increases instantly.  

Why Your Enterprise Needs It  

Your enterprise needs this proactive plan because of the benefits it carries. One benefit is that your enterprise will feel ready to handle the disaster immediately with no doubts. The plan is not only good for one disaster, but it will also continue to provide direction and quality service to clients after the disaster as well. Overall, your enterprises corporate reputation, image, and revenue stream will be best protected. Think about it, if an enterprises’ reputation is broke, will operations flow smoothly?  

How We Can Help  

Having this plan is only one step further to smoother operations. As mentioned before, there are many other key components to business continuity. More blogs are coming out about the business continuity framework and management which are equally important.  

You can book a free consultation call with one of our experts to find out how you can implement this into your enterprise. At Assurance IT, we are Canadian business continuity experts here to meet your business’s needs.  


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