9 Ways Veeam Protects Against Ransomware
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9 Ways Veeam Protects Against Ransomware

Do you think your enterprise will be attacked by ransomware? This type of malware does not only target major corporations but also anyone with vulnerable or outdated business continuity strategies. Ransomware is a form of malicious software that restricts access to your network. How to regain access? Although hackers say they will give you access after you pay the ransom, this isn't always the case. Therefore, it's better to prevent ransomware attacks altogether. In this blog, we are going to discuss 9 ways Veeam protects against ransomware.

What You Need to Know

9 Ways Veeam Protects Against Ransomware

1.Protecting Backup Data from An Attack

Air-gapped and “immutable” powerful backups provide blockage from all ransomware attacks. When a replica of data can't be reached by cyberattacks, Veeam uses controls that guarantee deletions or even changes without serious multi-level agreements. Veeam Scale-Out Backup Repository (SOBR) is partnered with Capacity Tier (Cloud Tier) which helps companies easily back up their data into storage locations on any of the following: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud and any platform that allows object-store.

2. Detecting Ransomware

This is undoubtedly the hardest part is trying to protect and prevent ransomware attacks. Veeam offers the software Veeam ONE which precisely monitors the computer’s activity and atmosphere to see if there are any unusual or distrustful movements. It examines the CPU usage, network transmit rate, and the data store write rate. Once it has detected an unusual movement it will alarm the user and suggest they look at the activity.

3. Ensuring Ransomware-Free Backups

Oftentimes, users are a victim of a ransomware attack without even knowing it. Veeam’s SureBackup instantly identifies unknown cyber risks. With the Ransomware-Free Backups, users and the IT department can look out for ransomware movements with Veeam’s automated backup scanner and ensure business continuity in your enterprise.

4. Restoring Guaranteed Virus-Free Workloads

This is the part of the process when some concern about viruses attacking the companies files will arise. This is why users need to protect their business’s files and data. Veeam’s Secure Restore allows an anti-virus scan to enter the backups when they are being restored. This reassures users that no other unseen viruses or other threats will be entered again.

5. NEW Ransomware Prevention Kit

This is the all-in-one package that your enterprise can have to secure all the companies assets and data from ransomware. This Ransomware Prevention Kit prevents, detects, and recovers the user(s) from ransomware disasters. It comes with proprietary white paper and a free 30-day trial with Veeam Backup & Replication™. This is a way that businesses can look at ransomware as something that can be managed, not harmful. The kit brings users data protection to all cybersecurity disputes.

6. Veeam Cloud Connect

This protection is essential for all enterprises to have. It protects not only their data but also the quality and flow of operations. Veeam Cloud Connect is the greatest solution for out-of-brand protection. It takes the backups from the same Backup Copy Job and is immediately sent to the service provider from this clever Veeam Cloud Connect procedure.

7. NEW Veeam® Backup & Replication™ V11

This is a trustworthy and efficient 4-in-1 solution for your replicas, backups, storage snapshots, and CDP replicas. The objective of this is essential to secure ransomware protection and unmatched durability for your business regardless of the size.

This recovery protection includes the following:

  1. Continuous Data Protection (CDP)
  2. Reliable Ransomware Protection
  3. Amazon S3 Glacier
  4. Azure Archive
  5. Expanded Instant Recovery
  6. Veeam-powered BaaS & DRaaS

8. Encryption Method

With protecting your business from ransomware, there comes other protection methods that protect backup jobs, transaction log backup jobs, tapes in different media. Veeam has AES-256 bit encryption and public encryption methods that protect all of those mentioned above. It transforms the data to an unreadable, scrambled format with a cryptographic algorithm and a key. Hackers cannot unlock or see the encrypted data. This is what you want.

9. Veeam Cloud Service Provider (VCSP)

This is a popular way businesses help prevent ransomware. It backups storage, there is a replication target, remote management, media storage, and full-site replication. The VCSP is there to help users manage the off-site backups that can help incorporate the 3-2-1 backup rule.  

How to Get Started

If you want to learn more about Veeam and how it can protect your business, contact Assurance IT here. We use Assurance IT's EPR Methodology to assess your business continuity needs. Schedule a free consultation today.


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