Case Study

Meeting the 3-2-1 Backup Rule

Macaulay Child Development Centre in Ontario, Canada chooses Assurance IT for their data protection needs.

The charity has been supporting children since 1932. They offer child care services, after school programs and online resources for families and children.

Four years ago, IT Manager at the child development centre, Gowsic Satgunalingam, was not happy with their backup systems. He was looking for a credible Veeam partner that had Canadian servers.

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The charity was not meeting the 3-2-1 backup rule. Gowsic was also not happy with their previous cloud backup solution.
After some research, Gowsic wanted to use the leader in backup, recover and modern data protection, Veeam. He looked through their list of resellers and found Assurance IT, a Canadian Silver partner.
Assurance IT provides Macaulay Child Development Centre with Assurance IT's VSPC Rental Licenses, Veeam's Cloud Backup and IaaS.
"We've been with Assurance IT for the past four years and I can see this continuing for another 10 to 20 years. As long as we're around, they're going to be around as well."
- Gowsic Satgunalingam

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What Other Customers Say

Exceptional skilled team to work with. Ernesto and his team have taken the lead in developing our Vmware environment; providing hardware, topology and roll-out recommendations.  We could not have got this far without them.  Knowing our data is safe in their data center for our backup solutions certainly helps our IT staff sleep better at night.

B.H., IT Manager, Ontario

"Assurance IT are excellent at what they do. For all your offsite backup and replication needs as well as Veeam expertise - go to Assurance IT."

M.O., IT Manager, Ontario