Case Study

Streamlined Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

A technology company with over 1000 employees, generating over $300 million in annual revenue, came to Assurance IT worried about their endpoints.

They were having a hard time identifying and responding to advanced threats. Their traditional antivirus proved to be insufficient to detect and prevent sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks. With thousands of endpoints, their antivirus also took too long to deploy.

Assurance IT deployed SentinelOne's EDR platform to enhance this company's endpoint security. It was time to take their endpoint management into the twenty-first century by streamlining the tasks antivirus solutions cannot do.

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Streamlined Tasks

Time to deploy: Assurance IT deployed SentinelOne's EDR agents across all endpoints within the organization's network, including workstations, servers, and mobile devices. Deployment took a few weeks compared to months with their previous solution.
Real-Time Monitoring: SentinelOne's EDR platform provides real-time monitoring of all endpoints to track and analyze suspicious activities proactively.
Behavioral Analysis: Using the AI-driven behavioral analysis in SentinelOne's EDR platform, Assurance IT identified anomalous patterns and potential threats in the company's environment. This was extremely difficult to detect with conventional antivirus software.
Automated Response: Assurance IT configured automated response actions for specific threat categories, enabling swift containment and mitigation of identified threats, should they occur.


1. Rapid Detection: SentinelOne's platform promptly alerted us to malicious activities, facilitating immediate response and reducing dwell time for potential threats.
2. Mitigated Incidents: Automated response actions neutralized many threats before they could escalate, minimizing the risk of data breaches and system compromise.
3. Improved Security Posture: With continuous monitoring and behavioral analysis, the tech company experienced improved security across their entire endpoint infrastructure.

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What Other Customers Say

Exceptional skilled team to work with. Ernesto and his team have taken the lead in developing our Vmware environment; providing hardware, topology and roll-out recommendations.  We could not have got this far without them.  Knowing our data is safe in their data center for our backup solutions certainly helps our IT staff sleep better at night.

B.H., IT Manager, Ontario

"Assurance IT are excellent at what they do. For all your offsite backup and replication needs as well as Veeam expertise - go to Assurance IT."

M.O., IT Manager, Ontario