Case Study

Centralizing Threat Analyses

A large tech organization, hosting and supporting a myriad of technology, faced challenges in effectively monitoring and responding to security incidents across its diverse network infrastructure. They came to Assurance IT for help.

Their firewall logs and logs from various networking appliances were dispersed across different systems, making it difficult to correlate this information with potential attacks on their endpoints.

Assurance IT recommended and implemented SentinelOne's XDR platform to centralize and collect firewall logs and networking appliance logs for comprehensive threat analysis. It was time this company had one source of truth.

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Comprehensive Threat Analysis

Centralized Log Collection: Assurance IT integrated SentinelOne's XDR platform with the company's existing security infrastructure to collect firewall logs and logs from various networking appliances (e.g., routers, switches, VPN gateways) in real time.
Log Correlation: The XDR platform ingested logs from multiple sources and correlated them with data from SentinelOne's EDR agents deployed on the endpoints. This correlation identifies potential attack patterns and indicators of compromise(IOCs) across the entire network.
Real-Time Threat Detection: With a centralized view of logs and endpoint data, the XDR platform utilized advanced analytics and AI-driven algorithms to detect potential threats, including suspicious network traffic and anomalous endpoint behavior.


1. Comprehensive Mobile Security: By centralizing and correlating firewall logs and networking appliance logs with endpoint data, the company gained a comprehensive view of its network security, uncovering potential threats that could have otherwise gone undetected.
2. Rapid Incident Response: The XDR platform's real-time threat detection and automated incident response playbooks enables the company's security team to respond swiftly to security incidents, reducing the dwell time of threats and minimizing the impact on their endpoints.
3. Rapid Security Posture: With better insights into attack patterns and IOCs, the company proactively addressed security gaps, leading to an overall improvement in its security posture and resilience against cyber attacks.
4. Simplified Compliance: Centralized log collection and correlation streamlined the process of generating compliance reports, facilitating audits, and demonstrating adherence to industry regulations and security standards.
This holistic approach to threat analysis provided a more comprehensive defense against sophisticated cyber threats and helped strengthen their overall security infrastructure.

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What Other Customers Say

Exceptional skilled team to work with. Ernesto and his team have taken the lead in developing our Vmware environment; providing hardware, topology and roll-out recommendations.  We could not have got this far without them.  Knowing our data is safe in their data center for our backup solutions certainly helps our IT staff sleep better at night.

B.H., IT Manager, Ontario

"Assurance IT are excellent at what they do. For all your offsite backup and replication needs as well as Veeam expertise - go to Assurance IT."

M.O., IT Manager, Ontario