Case Study

Secured Mobile Devices

A retail store with international locations noticed an increase in the use of mobile devices. Internally, they did not know how to handle the security of mobile devices. As a proactive team, their security team came to Assurance IT to strengthen their mobile security.

They needed a solution that would protect Android and Apple devices. They also needed a solution that would scale and work worldwide.

Assurance IT deployed SentinelOne's Mobile Protection Platform to strengthen the company's mobile security. It was time to alleviate this team from the stress of managing new devices.

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Advanced Mobile Protection

Mobile Security Deployment: Assurance IT implemented SentinelOne's Mobile Protection Platform across all Android and Apple devices. This involved installing the necessary agents and configuring security policies.
Threat Detection and Prevention: The platform's advanced threat detection capabilities continuously monitor mobile devices for signs of suspicious activities, including malware installation attempts, network attacks, and unauthorized access.
Zero-day Vulnerability Protection: With SentinelOne’s expertise in detecting and mitigating zero-day vulnerabilities, Assurance IT ensured the devices were protected against emerging threats.
Mobile Incident Response: The platform enables real-time incident response on mobile devices, allowing security teams to remotely investigate and respond to security incidents.


1. Comprehensive Mobile Security: SentinelOne's Mobile Protection Platform provides an all-encompassing security solution to protect both Android and Apple devices, ensuring a consistent security posture across this company's mobile fleet.
2. Early Threat Detection: The platform's advanced threat detection capabilities allowed the identification of potential threats at an early stage, preventing them from escalating into more significant security incidents.
3. Mitigate Mobile Threat: SentinelOne’s zero-day vulnerability protection played a crucial role in securing the devices against unknown and emerging threats, reducing the risk of data breaches and business disruptions.
4. Efficient Incident Response: The platform's mobile incident response capabilities enabled the company's security teams to take swift actions to contain and remediate security incidents on mobile devices, even when employees were outside the corporate network.
Overall, the integration of SentinelOne's Mobile Protection Platform helped this company establish a robust mobile security framework, ensuring the safety of their mobile devices and protecting sensitive corporate data from potential cyber threats.

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What Other Customers Say

Exceptional skilled team to work with. Ernesto and his team have taken the lead in developing our Vmware environment; providing hardware, topology and roll-out recommendations.  We could not have got this far without them.  Knowing our data is safe in their data center for our backup solutions certainly helps our IT staff sleep better at night.

B.H., IT Manager, Ontario

"Assurance IT are excellent at what they do. For all your offsite backup and replication needs as well as Veeam expertise - go to Assurance IT."

M.O., IT Manager, Ontario