Yack specializes in offensive cybersecurity: we hack your company before malicious actors. We noticed that one of the biggest challenges in cybersecurity is getting the technical teams and the executive board to speak the same language.

Cybersecurity on the Offensive

Yack is fluent in both languages and is an excellent translator-interpreter. We know from experience that if the gap between these two worlds is reduced or eliminated, the magic happens. 

Our entire approach has been based on this complementarity. We don't sell penetration tests, we add a hacker/entrepreneur to your team. Believe us, it makes all the difference.

What to expect when working with us?
We live by a no-bullshit policy, prioritize business, and go the extra mile. Yack was created to embody these values and help our clients. If this resonates with you, we’re eager to talk.
Test your IT defenses with a simulated cyberattack. Our hackers mimic real threats, assessing internal networks, websites, WiFi, APIs, OT equipment, and public IPs.
Strengthen your security by simulating cyberattacks to expose and address vulnerabilities.

Why we Partner with Yack

Unique Approach

At Assurance IT, we partner with Yack to enhance cyber resilience by integrating a hacker/entrepreneur into client teams.

Effective Communication

Yack Security bridges the gap between technical and executive teams, ensuring vulnerabilities are identified and addressed.

Proactive Defense

By simulating real cyberattacks, Yack helps us secure our clients' defenses, strengthening IT infrastructure against malicious actors.

Reach Out for Cybersecurity Help

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