Case Study

Strengthened Endpoint Security

A Canadian manufacturing company noticed the growing number of cyber attacks on manufacturing companies and IoT platforms. With a priority of maintaining business continuity, they came to Assurance IT to strengthen their endpoint security.

Requiring to operate optimally 24/7, this company understood that endpoints pose the largest risks as they were entryways into their IT infrastructure. However, they were operating on traditional security solutions and felt inadequate to defend against sophisticated attacks.

Assurance IT deployed SentinelOne's EDR platform to strengthen the company's endpoint security. It was time to equip this company with modern endpoint security that can keep up with the current cyber threats.

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Strengthened Capabilities

Endpoint Protection Deployment: Assurance IT implemented SentinelOne's EDR agents on all endpoints within the company, including workstations, servers, and industrial control systems.
Real-Time Monitoring: SentinelOne's EDR platform provides continuous real-time monitoring of endpoint activities, giving unprecedented visibility into potential threats and suspicious behavior.
Threat-Hunting: Leveraging SentinelOne's EDR platform's advanced threat-hunting capabilities, Assurance IT proactively searched for hidden or stealthy threats that traditional antivirus solutions would not catch.
Incident Response Readiness: Assurance IT's developed customized incident response playbooks tailored to the company's specific environment and industry requirements. These playbooks enabled a swift and coordinated response to security incidents.


1. Enhanced Endpoint Security: SentinelOne'sEDR platform significantly strengthened the construction company's endpoint security, effectively protecting their critical manufacturing assets from a wide range of cyber threats.
2. Improved Threat Detection: Real-time monitoring and threat-hunting capabilities empowered us to detect and respond to potential threats at an early stage, reducing the risk of successful attacks and minimizing potential damage.
3. Safeguarding Intellectual Property: By securing its intellectual property and sensitive data, the company mitigated the risk of data breaches and safeguarded its competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry.
4. Business Continuity: With a robust EDR solution in place, the company ensures the uninterrupted operation of its manufacturing processes, preventing any disruptions that could arise from cyber incidents.

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What Other Customers Say

Exceptional skilled team to work with. Ernesto and his team have taken the lead in developing our Vmware environment; providing hardware, topology and roll-out recommendations.  We could not have got this far without them.  Knowing our data is safe in their data center for our backup solutions certainly helps our IT staff sleep better at night.

B.H., IT Manager, Ontario

"Assurance IT are excellent at what they do. For all your offsite backup and replication needs as well as Veeam expertise - go to Assurance IT."

M.O., IT Manager, Ontario