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Quebec Bill 64 Training

Assurance IT will soon offer the Bill 64 Training. Presented by our Data Privacy Officer, this training breaks down what you need to know about the upcoming changes in Quebec Privacy Regulation.

The training covers the provisions that will gradually come into effect starting September 2022. It also covers the enforcement of the new law and much more. Enter Your email below to get notified when the training opens up for registration.

Training whose eligibility has been confirmed by the Quebec Bar for the purposes of mandatory continuing education, for a duration of 8 hours.

Who is This
Training For?

Any role in a Quebec business where personal data is being processed should be familiar with the new law. Here is a list of roles of those who should attend:

Information Security Professionals
Risk Managers
Technical administrators
Compliance Officers
Privacy Managers
Company administrators
Data Protection Officers
IT Security Professionals
Anybody handling data

Why Attend This Training?

Quebec has recently adopted its most restrictive data privacy law to date. Every Quebec business must adhere to the provisions of the Bill 64, starting this September. Be prepared for the changes to come over the next two years.

Two-Day Training


History of data privacy and introduction to Law 25


Definitions and Scope of application


Key differences between Law 25 and pre-existing laws (GDPR, PIPEDA)


Fundamental Principles and Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data


Expansion of Data Subjects’ Rights


Gradual implementation of Law 25’s provisions (1st /2nd /3rd year requirements)


Person in charge of the protection of personal information - Role and Responsibilities


Managing and Reporting Privacy Incidents


Privacy by Design and by Default


Privacy Impact Assessments


Transborder Data Flows and Outsourcing


Increased Powers for the Commission d’accès à l’information– Sanctions and Penalties


Governance Policies and Practices

Benefits For Your Organization

Speed up the learning curve. Eliminate hours of work from your IT and legal teams to determine the necessary requirements to comply with
Bill 64.

Active SupportCommunity

Empower your team with the knowledge to properly prepare for Bill 64 requirements.

Understand the extent of the Data Protection Officer role and the criteria on how to assign the role. By September 2022, every Quebec business will need to appoint one.

Get Notified About When Registration Starts

Registration starts in May 2022. To get notified when it's available, enter your email below.

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